About Us


Hamrag is a dream factory that flourished from a life long friendship between two women with a joint passion to form a free creative space for women to express their creativeness. The artisan team behind Hamrag takes inspiration from life and nature. In this journey, we wish to empower women around the world and advocate for an environmentally sustainable future with authentic and ethnic sourced goods.



Our Mission 


We are a small yet powerful female-owned and -managed company. We succeeded in putting together a talented craftswomen team from all around the world of women who want to bring their crafty work to light. We are committed to establish fair and honest partnerships with our artisans to empower women by allowing them the creative freedom and the chance to generate an additional source of income for their families while protecting the environment by our green way of doing business.


With every Hamrag piece you purchase, you are contributing to a more socially and environmentally sustainable future. Hamrag’s products are crafted from natural materials that are void of any harmful chemicals and dyes and assembled by hardworking women. When we say each product is unique, we quite literally mean it because all of our products are hand-woven, -loomed, -knitted, and –stitched.





“From traditional to contemporary” 

Traditional to the Mediterranean region, especially to Turkey, people have been using peshtemals for centuries in Turkish baths. We took this traditional article and retrofitted it to our modern life. Now this extremely lightweight, soft to the touch, durable yet all-natural towel can be used in and around the house as decorative throws, beach towels, sarongs, pareos, during yoga or at the gym. We created unique fun and vibrant designs to elevate the traditional look. Like all of our collections, peshtemals are also hand-loomed from all-natural fibers and are 100% cotton or linen and bamboo blends. Compared with traditional towels, the peshtemals are lighter, sand-resistant, quicker to dry, and multi-functional. It is the preferred choice for kids and babies because it is not processed with any harmful chemicals and made with organic and natural dyes.



Hamrag peshtemal


Hats & Bags


“From Nature, to you”  

Our hats and bags are inspired by the elegance and colorfulness of nature. We sourced all-natural materials and created chic accessories that are harmless to people and nature. Raffia, which is a special paper yarn, is used an all Hamrag’s hats and bags. Each hat and bag is hand-woven and has a unique touch of each artisan’s style. The hats and bags are meticulously crafted and hand-worked for 30 hours and more. We are committed to top-notch quality. Thanks to the dedication and talent of our craftswomen, there is nothing compromised.