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The 100% cotton loincloth is a traditional Turkish towel hand-woven using cotton thread. Peshtemal symbolizes Turkish culture and handicrafts.

The 100% cotton composition makes them soft, breathable, and lightweight. The most important features of Turkish towels are that they are resistant to sand, super absorbent, and dry quickly. They do not create a bad odor and do not produce bacteria like traditional towels.

Peshtemals are perfect for the beach, bath, spa, yoga, gym, sauna, or as a towel. You can use them as pareos, shawls, shorts, dresses, and beach cover-ups. They make beautiful decorations as covers and tablecloths in your home.

They are suitable for travel, as they take up little space.


- Material: 100% cotton

- Dimensions: 36" x 70"

-Care Instructions:

     Machine wash cold. Peshtemals become softer with each wash.

     If you are going to dry it in a drum, dry it at low heat and for a short time.

     Do not use bleach.

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