How to wash your Turkish Towel

We recommend you wash your Turkish towel in cold or medium heat water
A gentle soak before first use is recommended. You can soak the towel for a few hours or overnight in cold water.
Simply by soaking the cotton fibres are allowed to bloom and grow. This makes Turkish towels more absorbent and fabric smoother.

After your towels soak in a cool bath for 12 hours, wring them and hang them to air dry.
It’s important they air dry for the first time rather than going directly into the dryer.
Pulled threads

Avoid washing your peshtemal with items that have a zip or velcro because these might get tangled in the tassels or pull the cotton.

Machine wash on cold with similar colors
Tumble dry on low / medium heat for maximum softness.
From time to time (I do this once a month), add a cup of vinegar to the wash… it will kill bacteria, remove any soap residue,
and acts as a natural fabric softener for your towels.

Use bleach
.Use fabric softener. Although it’s a bit counterintuitive, fabric softener will make your towels less absorbent. Use vinegar instead.