Why should you use HAMRAG peshtemal,hats and bags

 Peshtemals absorb water very fast and they dry quickly.

-Hamrag peshtemals do not have small loops so the sand is not trapped inside.

- Doesn't smell like other towels.

- Doesn't take up much space in your bag and is light.

- You can use it for all purposes. (On the beach,bath towel,pareo.spa,fashion accessory,table clothes,blanket for you or your kids,while breast feeding,gym,camping,hiking vs.)

-Peshtemals are the preferred choice for kids and babies because they are made with organic and natural dyes and are not processed with any harmful chemicals.

- We source all-natural materials and create chic accessories that are harmless to people and nature. 

- Raffia, which is a special paper yarn, is used in all Hamrag hats and bags. Each hat and bag is hand-woven and is unique due to each artisan’s style.